Friday, September 21, 2007

My crystal ball...

I have consulted and re consulted my crystal ball. It hasn't answered me until today. Today I went back to that referral calculator website. I plugged in all of my guesses/predictions for our referral. I came up with a date and date that appeared TWICE with two different sets of data. My referral date is drum roll please.....April 30th. On that day I will see my daughter's face for the first time! I needed to consulted the crystal ball, I did, and I now have a date!
APRIL 30, 2008!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19 Months

Oh how did I miss our 19 month LID anniversary?
I know because:

1. Time is ticking by without a referral, so I lost track of time and LID!
2. My friend, Rebecca is in China now getting her absolutely gorgeous baby, MeiLin. I have been following her blog hourly. Go see it!
3. Her friend Tiffany is there as well. Things did not go as well for her until yesterday (pics on R's blog).
4. Working
5. Having my house painted (inside). Yay!

I am still thinking that this adoption thing WILL happen in Mar, Apr, May, June timeframe!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Remember This Entry?

ODDS: Likely, Hopefully, Dreaming
Sept: 24 Nov, 29 Nov, Finish Nov
Oct: 4 Dec, 9 Dec, 10 Dec
Nov: 8 Dec, 21 Dec, 20 Dec
Dec: 15 Dec, 5 Jan, 31 Dec
Jan: 26 Dec, 13 Jan, 15 Jan
Feb: 6 Jan, 24 Jan?, 31 Jan
Mar: 13 Jan, 4 Feb?, 15 Feb
Apr: 21 Jan?, 15 Feb?, 29 Feb
May: 29 Jan?, 26 Feb?, 7 Mar
Jun: 6 Feb?, 8 Mar?, 14 Mar
Jul: 16 Feb?, 19 Mar?, 21 Mar
Aug: 24 Mar?, 30 Mar?, 28 Mar

Congrats to all the families who will be seeing their children's faces for the first time. Referrals are in and they are through the 25th of November.

Believe it or not, I am pleased that the CCAA got through the 25th. Surprised and pleased. We are getting closer!