Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I found something I want to share. I feel like one of my students searching for something for show and tell. Anything at all.....(ironically, we don't even do show and tell). But, I digress. So, on my MSN homepage I have the word of the day. The word of the day is yang. How fitting is that? Something in Chinese on my American homepage. Do you know what yang means? Well, I will tell you...yang means masculine element: in Chinese philosophy, the principle of light, heat, motivation, and masculinity that is the counterpart of yin and is thought to exist along with yin in all things. I always thought it was yinG and yang. Apparently, it is YIN and yang. Light, heat, motivation, and masculinity. I am walking away with motivation on this one. Motivation, motivation, MOTIVATION....I need to stay motivated to hang in there for this very long haul to China and Flora!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What to write, what to share...

I have been avoiding you lately. Simply because I have nothing to share. I have nothing to tell you. I could run through my laundry list of what I have been doing lately.
1. Visited family for Thanksgiving. DH says no more driving at Thanksgiving next year (the traffic doubled our time). We shall see.
2. All my christmas shopping is complete. I have never been done this early. I like it!
3. No news on referrals or review room movement.....crap!

I keep trying to come up with something clever, something witty, something insightful to write.....and NADA!
I'll keep trying and get back to you.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The 9 Month Reflection

Nine months ago today, the CCAA held our dossier in their hands and said, "Yep, it's here! We are so thrilled that this family finally completed their dossier! We have been waiting for them." Apparently, the CCAA has said the exact same thing to another 20,000-40,000 families! The nine months seems like the worst milestone yet for me. I guess I keep thinking that in 9 months women get pregnant and give birth! The nine months has been the hardest one yet. However, my heart is in China. When deciding upon adoption, it was always China, even if it took 3 years.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What are you thankful for?

As this wait seems interminable, I have to ask myself what am I thankful for with regards to the wait....?
1. I am thankful for the love and support of my husband and children. We like talking about the adoption, Flora (by name), the frustration with respect to the wait.
2. I am thankful for the community of people who read and leave comments on my blog.
3. I am thankful for the other blogs out there that get me thinking.
4. I am thankful for the time to try and prepare (in vain) for our daughter's arrival.
5. I am thankful for the RQ, albeit, I take her site with a grain of salt.
6. I am thankful that I can write big checks, really quickly as our year anniversary quickly approaches. (It is a skill that comes in handy).
7. What are you thankful for? Please leave a comment or if there are so many things write it on your blog with the link in the comment section. I love to hear what others are thinking....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

People are Kind

My father used to tell me that I always overestimated people. I always saw the good in them. I don't necessarily think that is a bad trait. Recently, I have had so many people ask me when I am getting my baby. People actually remember we are adopting. Heck, it has been a year and a half with no movement essentially (in the eyes of acquaintances anyway). I just think that so many people have been so kind. I am thoroughly impressed with this kindness shown by so many people.
I did have a friend say to me that his mother feels that adoption should be eradicated. In fact, she wrote a book about it. I do love having discussions like this. His comments did not offend me, but rather made me think and rethink the whole adoption process. It is actually sad that a family can not keep a child for any reason. Wouldn't it be a better place if each child could stay with their birth family and had a wonderful upbringing? Oh, and every couple who has battled infertility...infertility became obsolete? On the flip side isn't it amazing that families with no biological connection are willing to love and rear a child or children? Wow, I think that says a lot about humanity.
So, I find people to be very kind. Thank you!

Friday, November 03, 2006

babies everywhere

As referrals burst through the door and blogs, it is fantastic to see all the little faces and the beautiful words of proud Moms and Dads. Go visit RQ as her latest entry lists all the blogs with many photos of adorable Chinese children who will soon join their forever families. Additionally, I want to add that while you were sleeping the CCAA updated their website. January has cleared the review room. That means in approximately 1 month, we will also clear the review room. No phone calls from GW asking us to "clarify" anything!!! One nailbiting month to go! It that a dim light I see?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Referrals are in flight

While you were sleeping, referrals were in flight and the CCAA updated their website. The CCAA made it through two days more than the rumor had stated. August 25, 2005 is the cutoff. Now, if I could hear a little something, something on the review room. Really, I am not trying to be greedy.

UPDATE:Our Homestudy, because I know you have been dying to know, is almost complete. DH needs a medical exam and paperwork and the SW needs to pay us a visit. Apparently, it is no big deal for the HS to expire. Then I ask the question....What is the point of a expiration date???