Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, old one!

It is time once again to wish that old one of mine Happy Birthday. She is 14. The day before her birthday I registered her at the local high school. I am proud to say that she was admitted into a special program that is medicine based, heavy in math and science! She is a typical teenager, oy vey! I love her to pieces and without her being so wonderful I would have never wanted more children. So, E, it is all your fault!! =)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No need to call the authorities.....

we are all okay. Things have been a bit busy around these parts. Nothing like a little family drama. The old one graduated. I am so proud of her. She applied to and was accepted to the medical program that is offered in our high schools. Unbelievable! She is going to take Algebra 2, Chemistry, Honors English, World History, Spanish 3, and some elective to balance the schedule! What a ridiculously hard schedule! Kudos to here for being prepared to take such courses!
Did I mention that school's out for summer????
Flora is doing amazing well. We had a little jaunt up north to visit some family. We were able to hook up with some travel friends that we made in China. Their daughter, Emily, is doing very well. Traveling to China was an amazing experience, through and through. We meet some equally amazing people. But your experience in China is like no other. It is a flash of time when things are all so new, unusual, different, and fantastic. Never again will you see these people walking the halls trying to get their new daughters to sleep. We saw folks with bed head in their pj's. We scrambled to help anyone with anything. You need diapers? I have extras. You need prunes? Well, I have 2. But it is equally wonderful to see these babies (who were in shock, initially) comfortable in their own homes. I loved visiting our friends.
And now it is time for a few photos. We have a family photo that was taken for the benefit of our home study and then who doesn't love a smiling baby?