Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Wee One!

Today Flora is two. She will tell you that today is her birthday and she is two. She will also tell you that on your birthday you eat cake AND open presents! Ah, it's good to have older girls to corrupt the brain of the wee one. :)

I have been meaning to update what she has been up to lately. I know everyone really wants to see photos, and I think I have posted more than usual lately. Flora is potty trained! Yippee!! It was a fairly easy road, 6 weeks. She just moved to a regular bed (last night). She was a little worried, but she rally enjoyed being able to get out on her own.
She is talking up a storm. For a while now, everything is WHY? She used to call Claire, yaga. ??? Now it sounds more like
Lee-AHHH. Emily is no longer Em, but Emily.
While I have always enjoyed the two's, not so terrible in my book, we have had two huge temper-tantrums. They have lasted for nearly 30-45 minutes. I am hoping that will be it!
She goes to gymnastics, "nastics", every week. She LOVES it. She loves to "rolling", as she calls it, over the barrel. Next year she will start school, officially. Luckily, I was able to snag a spot at the most prestigious, best Montessori school in town. ;) She is most definitely ready for school. I just can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the last year.
I was telling Joe just yesterday that I feel there is NO difference between bio children and adopted children. I look at her, and she is obviously Chinese, but that doesn't make any difference. I still feel like I gave birth to her. Joe says there is a mental illness in there somewhere. :) But then, on the flip side, today especially, I think of her birth mom. I would love to share with her that Flora is a wonderfully radiant, wonderfully adjusted little girl. She brings so much happiness, excitement and joy to our family. Happy Birthday, wee one. We love you!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter

After Joe's amazing Easter Pizza, we colored eggs. Flora really enjoyed it. She would ever so carefully throw each egg into the dye. Then she would insist upon using the wire holder to transfer the wet, dye soaked egg into the egg carton. It really was fun.

This morning she was very excited about the baskets of candy sitting on the counter. We waited for C to "hide the eggs". She had a great time searching for them. Flora would squeal with delight every time she spotted an egg. Then once again, using the same technique of tossing the eggs into the dye, she would lob the eggs into her basket. Ah, what fun!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Day Before Easter

'Twas the night before Easter. Joe has decided to make Easter Pizza. Photos here.

Easter Pizza is goooood!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Yes LNB....

I am a cheater! I sat here as I put Miss Flora to bed and updated my blog. So there! :-P