Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two Years

That's right! It has been two years since we were logged in at the CCAA in China. We would have never thought for a second that we would be waiting 2.5 years at a minimum. When I think about how quickly this wait is growing, it is mind boggling. L waited 18 months (logged in Oct 05). She received her referral in April. R waited 21 months (logged in Nov 05). She received her referral in August. My wait is already three months longer than R's and I fully expect another 8 month wait. It is sad, disheartening, and painful to watch people wait for their children.
So, happy 2 year anniversary to us!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Referrals are here

Please go check out Zoe! She is gorgeous. I hope they make there for Zoe's first birthday!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Referrals? Maybe, maybe not?!?

There are rumors out there that referrals are on their way, and the cut off is December 27, 2005. Now that is great news as Zoe's mom will be getting her referral (see the blogs listed). It is also great news because in my heart I did not believe that referrals would get past the 20th (i.e one day's worth of referrals). So I am pleasantly surprised! What does that mean for us? Good question! As soon as I have that answer, I will let you know. R told me, when she was awaiting her Nov 17, 2005 referral, the closer you get, you still don't know. She was right. Although we are less than two months away, we have no idea when our number will be up! It could be any where from April (totally unlikely) to December (on the outer range of timing). Have I mentioned the Olympics? What kind of twist is that going to throw into this mix??? We will have to wait and see.

On another note, any and all adoption folk know of the weather devastation happening in China right now. Half the Sky is an organization collecting money to help the orphanages. I am sick because our daughters and sons, collectively, are without heat, food and water. Please donate to Half the Sky to help the children of the world. It is so devastating I can barely wrap my mind around the events there right now. Cold and hungry babies/children are simply horrific.