Sunday, July 30, 2006

Are you a blog stalker?

This is anonymous right? O.K. I admit it here in this safe place, I am a blog stalker. I read other's blogs daily, sometimes I check them two or three times a day.

I have my favorites on the left here of my screen. I am so anal retentive that I have them categorized by LID. Yes, it is true they are in order. At the top are the LID's who are next to receive their referrals. Then they progressively go down the list of favorites. If you are lucky enough to have received your daughter (at this point all my fav blogs have been referred daughters), then you drop to the bottom of the list.

The Laukats hold a special place for me as they are the first family I started stalking. I am holding my breath for those awaiting TA's (travel assignments, B.G., G.J. F.) and referrals (T-F).

Who are these people you ask? I don't know. But, we are all in the same boat paper chasing, waiting, guessing what China will do next. Do they know I exist? No, not unless I make myself known as I did with G. I am sure that their are a few individuals stalking me. If so, now is a great time to ID yourself. Just say Hi, leave and your LID and your blog address. If you stalk me, I'll stalk you.


NorasMommy said...

Hi Ellen. So funny - I do exactly the same thing! I saw the URL for your blog on your LID date post in the January DTC group. Ours is:

Connie said...

Ellen - Thanks for stepping out into the light ;0) Nice to hear from you!

I'll be catching up on your blog now that I know you are out there.

See....not so bad. After all, I'll be following you to China ;0)

Shannon S said...

Hi Ellen, found you on Connie's blog. I'm in VA too with an LID of 2/16. Nice to "meet" you!