Friday, March 09, 2007

Phone rings, "This is your Wake up Call!"

Yesterday, as I was sitting at the local USCIS office waiting to be fingerprinted, I did some math. My math was not complex, but it was revealing. Our HS is dated mid January. Our state only allows a one year time frame on HS. Our agency allows a three month window for a paperwork deadline. So what math do you ask I calculated? If we don't receive our referral by October 2007 this adoption = another $600 for a HS update!!! When we started this journey, it never occurred to me to redo a HS once! And now I am looking at TWICE!!! By the way, did I mention that I believe my HS agency, which is different then my adoption agency, has done some "questionable" practices. I think I may switch agencies for my HS. I am looking into that now (thanks R for your help!).

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Nina, David & Ariel said...

Fingers crossed (and toes, etc.) for a speed up for all of us, so we don't have to do a HS update (shudder) three times.

Sorry about your agency, too. This process is difficult enough without also worrying about your agency.

LID 2/06/06