Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am grateful that my agency has a precise process for handling travel. I think we are almost done with our checklist, but because they dipense the paperwork slowly, I am not so sure that we are done.

I do know this; I know I am ready to go:
Visas (in hand)- check
Paperwork notarized and organized- check
Tickets booked- check
Peditician appointment- check
Insurance called- Husband's job
Money collected- check
Flora's script- ordered
Travel plans- almost finalized
Packed- almost


FinsUp said...

I hope there is a sub category under packing that includes the laptop and all cords!

rubyiscoming said...

Eek! What do we need notarized now? Just updated home study or other? Did you do the I864? what is "flora's script"? We have Visas in hand, travel plans, $$$$, and pediatrician....that's it!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you're getting there! Did you call your bank to let them know you and your VISA will be in China?

Also, did you set up your BLOG so you can email your posts to it? Quite often you can't post directly with the restrictions the gov't has on BLOGGER.

Here's one more thought: It's fun to bring some sort of *pretty* paper, so when you're doing Flora's footprint, you can do one for yourself....not that those little feet aren't coming home with you, but it's nice to do in China.

Rebecca :)

Dale said...

You'll either need your I-864W, in which case you need social security statements (order them from the SS website) or you'll be doing the I-864 and I-864 A, when you'll need notarized letters from your employers. If one of you isn't traveling, you need notarized POA's which have been authenticated by the consulate.

Billy and Maggie said...

Hi Ellen, I'm tagging you..check out my blog and see what its all about. I figure its a little something to keep you busy..(as if your not busy enough right) while we wait for travel.
Have Fun!!

Alyson and Ford said...

You are so close to traveling! Have a great time!
Alyzabeth's Mommy Since 09/16/08