Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, old one!

It is time once again to wish that old one of mine Happy Birthday. She is 14. The day before her birthday I registered her at the local high school. I am proud to say that she was admitted into a special program that is medicine based, heavy in math and science! She is a typical teenager, oy vey! I love her to pieces and without her being so wonderful I would have never wanted more children. So, E, it is all your fault!! =)


Rebecca said...

Oh yes, we've entered birthday month!

Happy Birthday E! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Miss R, C, L, M and M :)

amy said...

Hope she had a good one!

FinsUp said...

Happy birthday!

Nina said...

Happy Birthday to your future high school student.

Having a teenager and a toddler is the best thing, ever. Okay, sometimes I feel like my life is a sitcom but overall it's great.

Hope you all enjoy your summer!

J said...

Happy Birthday E. Congrats on your accomplishments and good luck. You are a very special girl.

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