Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The rumors go round and round


The rumors go round and round. I spend a lot of time checking and rechecking the rumor queen's blog at http://isorumors.blogspot.com/ I read the comments and WoW! is all I can say. Although she puts down lots of specualtion and she creates lots of statical studies (unscientific, of course), I try to remain calm and distant from this information. I have a looonnngg wait.

If you look at the past information and use it as a predeterminator, we have a longer wait than orginially expected. For example, it took upwards of 3 months for the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) to send out referrals for the month of May alone! Three months of referrals to one month of LID (Log in Dates) translates to years of waiting. Who knows what the wait time is........I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize.

Remember, that we are dealing with a 3rd world, communist country, therefore information is not forthcoming. There have been RUMORS that China is going to discontinue international adoption altogether. I can't buy into this one, as the population is issue is not going to change without a change in perception and policy within China. The other issue is, and this is the big one, MONEY. Each child is worth $3000. We as international adopters must donate that amount to the orphanage. That amount per child adds up very quickly! (a group of 5 families, going to adopt, traveling at the same time, at the same orphange, in one fell swoop means $15,000). Taking that money out of the system, where some orphanages can operate with little to no government assistance would certainly strain the system.

Anyway my thoughts on the rumors.........remember they are RUMORS!

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