Saturday, April 29, 2006

The infamous brown envelope

Yeah!! We got it today! The infamous brown envelope arrived in our mail. It is so exciting. "What is it?," you ask. You mean you don't know? Well, it is one of those few documents you actually want to receive from the government. The brown envelope contains all of the documents that we will need to fill out in China.

People say, "Don't worry if you don't get the brown envelope. All the documents will be given to you to fill out when you get there." Well I say, "stick it in your ear!" I got it! Not getting the brown envelope is disappointing, and people TELL you it is NOT a big deal. The truth is a big deal! It really and truly is.

I thought it was coming. Many people have been getting them, especially those with similar LID's. I will confide in you and don't tell anyone, but I have been running and checking my mail for the last two weeks.

However, the brown envelope has what? The only thing that would occur between the LID and the Referral date was, yes, the brown envelope. Now it is over, finis! Well, I say bring on the referral!!

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