Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Good Day Vs. A Bad Day

I spoke with a friend yesterday who is also in the middle of the adoption process. She is months and months ahead of me. She was down yesterday, and I was up. It is amazing how there are cycles to the whole adoption thing. She was feeling beaten & bruised from the length of time for the entire process. While I am disappointed by the length of time, I firmly believe that the timing will work out. This is out of my hands, surprising that I would resolve myself to not being in control. The difference between a waiting family with children and a waiting family without children is HUGE! I truly feel for those whose arms ache for a child, NOW!
I will say, however, I think about our daughter everyday. I wonder if she is born yet? Was she born today? What was I doing when she was born? Were her parents heartbroken to give her away? Those and many other answers will be revealed eventually!

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