Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What are you doing June of 2008?

Well, based on my math ([insert disclaimer here) which can be sketchy at best], if the referral rate continues where the CCAA sends out 1 weeks worth of referrals for every month of time, then that puts us at a place where we could possibly receive our referral in June of 2008. How ridiculous is that? So you can say that I am:
a. the bearer of bad news (no kidding)
b. the bearer of good news as that is so absolutely absurd that things will turn around in the near future!


Rebecca said...

So much for *Chin Up,* huh?

Maybe you should try, *Pour me another one.*

R :)

Tiffany said...

Ellen, did your really comment on my blog at 3:52 am....we really need to work on your sleep! And right now my chin is up because we get to bring the whole family(only because we have a whole year to save)however, check with me in Nov.