Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I found something I want to share. I feel like one of my students searching for something for show and tell. Anything at all.....(ironically, we don't even do show and tell). But, I digress. So, on my MSN homepage I have the word of the day. The word of the day is yang. How fitting is that? Something in Chinese on my American homepage. Do you know what yang means? Well, I will tell you...yang means masculine element: in Chinese philosophy, the principle of light, heat, motivation, and masculinity that is the counterpart of yin and is thought to exist along with yin in all things. I always thought it was yinG and yang. Apparently, it is YIN and yang. Light, heat, motivation, and masculinity. I am walking away with motivation on this one. Motivation, motivation, MOTIVATION....I need to stay motivated to hang in there for this very long haul to China and Flora!

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Shannon S said...

I thought it was YinG, too! Well! (Sadly) this has been the most educational and beneficial part of my day! Keep us updated on how your motivation gets started and maintained. I'm sure there are *lots* of us searching for all the various aspects of Yin! =0