Monday, December 18, 2006

10 months down

Today marks our 10 month anniversary. Grunt and moan inserted here.
What I haven't written in my blog lately is that DH and I had a discussion a few weeks ago. We were reevaluating the adoption, should we stop? It is getting so long that do we want to be parents to a young one in our 40's? So, my DH said we will stop when he turns 42. So I asked, "What does that mean? If we are next on the referral list and your 42nd birthday arrives...are we going to stop?" His answer was "no." I explained that I would regret not doing this the REST of my life. Hence, we decided to pursue.

Well, I was telling my dearest daughters this info the other day as we were discussing the L-O-N-G wait for their sister. My older DD said, " You can't stop. Who will get OUR sister? She is supposed to be our sister! We want our sister."

If there were any doubts before, there certainly are none now. So the entire family is back on the train. The train once known as the Orient Express which has been renamed the Great China Slug....


Connie said...

Inching along ever so slowly. Hang on!

Congrats on 10 less to wait!

Nina, David & Ariel said...

I'm glad your train is moving on the tracks again, however slowly!

Congratulations on your 10 month LID anniversary!

Shannon S said...

Well your daughter certainly sees it like it is! Amazing how clear they can make things seem!
See you in the New Year!