Saturday, March 08, 2008

Still Waiting

Not dead! Still in limbo! Still waiting. We have decided to hedge our bets and schedule a vacation. We are going to visit the BVI again this year. Our family is so excited..... 10 days, sailing, snorkeling, living......Our lives have been in limbo for years. When will that referral arrive? It certainly hasn't arrived yet an we have held off doing somethings. Well no more. This carefree, piss into the wind attitude will secure a June referral for sure.......just wait and see. As I shared with m RQ February forum friends I am taking one for the team in order to secure a June referral for us all. Actually, I see more of an August referral with an October/November travel time. But we shall see.
I have noticed that although there is still a huge gap between potential referral dates June-December, I see a smaller window forming with a likely referral date. I still believe that even a month or two from our actual referral, the numbers will reveal a three month window of likely dates. I would not be disappointed with a cut off date of February 15 or 16. Even though our LID is February 17, that would mean that we were definitely next. That is a good position to be in these days with the CCAA.


FinsUp said...

That happened to me. The cut-off was 10/24 (and was speculated to be such so I wasn't too overly excited) so I KNEW 10/25 was next. It was really nice to have some assurances, finally.

You guys will enjoy your vacation... and you can go back in another few years with Flora.

Nina, David & Ariel said...

We really WILL get there... the next vacation after this will be with Flora! Enjoy the Virgin Islands!


Nina, David & Ariel said...

And... by the way, we're also with Great Wall. Nice to meet someone else from our agency. If there's any kind of a speed-up we could be in China at the same time :)

Tiffany said...

Hang in there, it will happen and believe it or not it will feel like you didn't wait at all, ask R.
You are getting closer everyday, enjoy your vacation and baby proof the house because soon as you know you will have a toddler pulling anything and everything out of your cabinets!

Shannon said...

Saw your school group at Charlotte's web. What a great surprise!
You totally rock for making sure we have a June referral! =) I'm agreeing with your time frame. My mom has always predicted December travel of course it was supposed to be Dec 2006! Heck, I'll go earlier than December though!!

Rebecca said...

I think that in honor of finally making one of RQ's polls, you should put a new post on your BLOG!

It has been two months, my friend!

Rebecca :)