Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The British Virgin Islands 2008

Okay let me say that this vacation (we did the same thing last year) is the best vacation!! We charter a sailboat. We sail the sailboat from one beautiful island to the next. It is an amazing vacation......did I say that already? Our two daughters, the two of us. No TV. No outside stuff. No plans. No commitments. No rushing. Just lounging. Just snorkeling. Just reading. Just sailing.

Last year when we went I had delusions of grandeur that our little Flora would travel with us this year. In January when we started planning this trip, we were hesitant. What if referrals come and what if we are supposed to be traveling? We threw caution to the wind and decided to go for it. One of the few examples of not putting our lives on hold for China. I am glad we did it!


Rebecca said...

WOW! Pictures! I'm so envious of such an amazing get away with your family.

And the suit--Athleta, Five-Palms! I own the same one.

Rebecca :)

FinsUp said...

Did you take that last picture, the one with the rainbow?!

Ellen said...

Yes we took that photo! It was amazing to see the rainbow cloudy side and the sunny bright side. Even the water shows it!

Rebecca said...

Why does E look like she's grown 3 feet since the last time I saw her!

R :)

Shannon said...

Oh wow...what an experience. I'm such the green eyed monster right now.