Sunday, July 27, 2008

I let it slip away...

Our 20 something anniversary came and went. I forgot about it for the most part (as I have many of our past anniversaries), until many of my travel mates were posting. I read somebody's blog several months ago (maybe a year ago) who stopped counting and it did her a lot of good. I tried it too. It was hard the first month on the seventeenth I remembered everything. Same with the second month. Then I got to the point where I remembered the date, (the 17th) but not the calculation of time, i.e. 20 months). Now the seventeenth slips away as a regular day. But now as I find us closer to our referral date, I am noticing once again. Still not too excited, but getting there.
My friend R. says the closer you are to your referral, you still don't know your date. Are we 2 months out? Are we 4 months out? Are we 6 months out? (if we are six months out, shoot me N-O-W!)
On the positive side, it appears that the Olympics are not going to be interfering with the referral process per my agency and what seems to be happening with travel approval. I know of someone who will be China bound on 15 AUG. Good news. Although, my belief has always been that referrals will be effected in the September batch of referrals, not so much August. We will have to wait and see.
And finally to Nina, Alyson & Ford, and Dave(people I follow).......fingers crossed! You will be next! I a pulling for you!!!


Nina, David & Ariel said...

Thanks so much for your good thoughts. We're biting our nails over here... it's like we went from an endless wait to, "OMG, it's around the corner!"

And it's around the corner for you, too!!

Shannon said...

I'm thinking the same with a bump in the Sept batch. Still we MUST be so close. We ARE so close. Little bit of excitement creeping in...
I remember my LID date-probably forever etched in my brain. I just have to keep looking back as to how many months it's been! Too many! =)

Stephe said...

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