Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Milestones

I can not believe how amazing my daughter is. Actually, it is not that surprising as all three of my girls blow me away almost daily. But Miss Flora met, head on, a huge milestone today. Today was a no school for us due to Yom Kippur! So I decided to have a slow morning and not hit the gym at 5 am as usual. I decided to wait until 9 when the daycare opened. (In the essence of full disclosure my good friend, Miss Deb, started working at the daycare.) I have not left Flora with anyone other than Joe, Emily or Claire since we arrived home. I thought that today would be a good day to try. She cried for a short time, under 10 minutes, and then she was fine. She did suck her thumb for a while. That is always a sign to me that she is tired, which she wasn't, or stressed. But when i returned nearly 2 hours later she was happily walking around with her paper. The smile when she saw was amazing! True pleasure and happiness. I am glad I tried it. It is something that will not be happening daily or even weekly, because my schedule doesn't allow for late morning gym time, but I am proud of her!

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FinsUp said...

Way to go, Flora! Way to go , Flora's mom!