Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Just say no....... Swine Flu. I took the old one who was complaining of flu symptoms to the doc today. Not that I am on the Swine Flu bandwagon, but honestly if you get them there fast enough the doc will script Tamaflu. Em was a hot mess! She was so delusional she even wanted to go to school to take TWO tests.....crazy girl! Nope! I said. Good news: no Swine, Bad news: either MONO or Adno Virus. I have my fingers crossed for Adno!
we will know more in a few days.
On another better note, I took Miss FJ to the dentist for the first time today. I have been made aware of many children adopted from China who have significant teeth issues, so to be on the cautious side I took Miss FJ 6 months early. The appointment itself was rough, for her. She did not like people poking in her mouth. Nor did she enjoy being held down. However, the result was great information! She has fantastic teeth. FJ does insist that I brush them 1-2X per day. She loves having her teeth brushed. The hygienist was very complimentary, saying that she has no plaque on her teeth. Hooray for us! Now they want me to start flossing her teeth. I think we will give it a whirl!
Pictures will be coming. I have lost my cable to download photos. I have many pics on my camera. Stay tuned!

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What to take Fin to the dentist?

I hope Em doesn't have mono. That would stink.