Friday, August 10, 2007

Diaper Bag Challenge

Ye ole' diaper bag.....One of my DTC January peers has started a cool little blog to keep us occupied. Packing lists challenge. First up the diaper bag challenge. What to put in the diaper bag for China. Let me start by saying I am a minimalist. The less the better. I am nearly always prepared, but at a minimalist level. For example, why would I carry nail clippers in my diaper bag? I can cut nails at home. If, IF there is a nail emergency....can you say Walgreens? Having said that here is my list.
First up: the Diaper Bag.

The changing pad is included with this bag.
Next, Diapers (4) and Wipes

Diaper ointment (I found that I didn't use it much, and it was heavy) So here is my solution.

Check out this web site for travel sized items. It is very cool!
Next, I keep one burp cloth for whatever. I found this fancy one at Target. It is part of the Amy Coe line.

A Bottle with many liners. My girls (and I) have always preferred the Playtex style (not the drop-ins, as I have found that they leak easily) bottles.

I love these scented dirty diaper bags. They are a MUST for China sans the holder.

A really cool blanket.

Shout Wipes for "accidents and spills."

Take and toss spoons that I won't toss, but if they are lost, I will not mind. A plastic knife and fork to cut-up food. I hear that they can be difficult to find as chopsticks are mainly used.

Oh, I forgot the cute bib. I am not so hot on disposable ones (not environmentally friendly you know).

I had purchased a thermos per all the recommendations. I have since decided against it and opted for this cool invention. It is lighter too.

Some things may be omitted or added, depending upon the age of our daughter. A younger child may warrent an extra outfit. An older child might warrant a sippy cup and/or child sized utensils.


Shannon S said...

We need all of this?!! (First time mom to be, ya know!) Then I definitley agree with the minimalist route! =)

Rebecca said...

You a minimalist? Remember, I've seen the size of the handbags you like to carry! :)