Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Referral Calculations

So I spent hours....H-O-U-R-S trying to predict the future. I want to know when that referral is coming. We want to repeat the vacation of a lifetime, the BVI, on a sailboat. Ideally, we want Flora to join us. We feel that it would be a fantastic trip with her, especially being recently home. Bonding would be great as it would be uninterrupted family time together. But the question remains, do we book? or do we anticipate a summer referral/travel. So I spent Monday morning figuring it out. Here are my predictions which are similar to RQ and Dave's. I used RQ's numbers and I used both to see if my numbers were way off. They weren't. I used formulas and I used dreaming to calculate my referral date. Here they are.....

ODDS: Likely, Hopefully, Dreaming
Sept: 24 Nov, 29 Nov, Finish Nov
Oct: 4 Dec, 9 Dec, 10 Dec
Nov: 8 Dec, 21 Dec, 20 Dec
Dec: 15 Dec, 5 Jan, 31 Dec
Jan: 26 Dec, 13 Jan, 15 Jan
Feb: 6 Jan, 24 Jan?, 31 Jan
Mar: 13 Jan, 4 Feb?, 15 Feb
Apr: 21 Jan?, 15 Feb?, 29 Feb
May: 29 Jan?, 26 Feb?, 7 Mar
Jun: 6 Feb?, 8 Mar?, 14 Mar
Jul: 16 Feb?, 19 Mar?, 21 Mar
Aug: 24 Mar?, 30 Mar?, 28 Mar

Disclaimer: Anything with a ? denotes no actual number info, but more based on formula and past records. I also do not claim to "take over" the RQ prestigious position and Dave's accurate formulations. I just want to know when, WHEN, W-H-E-N!!!!!

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rubyiscoming said...

Damn, woman - that is DEPRESSING, ain't it?

BTW, my bday is Michael Jackson's day - August 29th. Cuz, you know, we have SOOOO much in common and all! :)