Thursday, August 02, 2007

R.,RQ and Wren

I have not let this wait drag me down much lately. I am anxiously, ANXIOUSLY awaiting the referral for R. This is my last friend who is before me. I can't wait it should be anyday now!
The other preoccupation I have is figuring out about "when" our referral will arrive. I know you are thinking that, E., that is what you have been doing since 18 Feb 06. True, but it has changed. Now, as we are 13 (yes, 13) LID's from the top of our agency's LID list from reaching our goal. We are getting closer and therefore more accurate in our guesses. That is why I have been searching RQ's site for the guesstimate of our month of referral. I have also found this site which crunches numbers. According to this site, we are talking a May 08 referral. I have been checking out RQ's archives for her guess and I have yet to find it again. I will let you know what she says once I search's alright, we have PLENTY of time!

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Shannon S said...

May was my non supported guess, too. Maybe by Christmastime we'll have a better guesstimate on our "referral window." Congratulations to R. Looks like referrals are landing!