Monday, September 01, 2008

Holy Crap!

I can't believe that I woke up this morning to a rumor that said the 9th of February is the cut-off!!! I am shocked! Amazed! Unbelievable! I had the two sided thing going on. On one hand, I wanted to believe that the CCAA would make it to the 16th of February! That would give us one month to get organized....and we would know that we were definitely in for October. On the other hand, I was wondering if we would even get referrals for September. I thought the CCAA would throw us the bone of February 1st-5th (ala dates forward with no referrals). I can't believe that this might be true. The only thing that "worries" me is several agencies on Friday reported that matching had not even begun yet.....Here are my guesses for a referral month: there is an outside chance for October, a very strong chance for November, and an even more of an outside chance for December. I laugh because I have been guessing all along, and so far, I have been wrong every time. Now that we are closer, I have to be right at some point!! So all this waiting and we are almost there......again Holy Crap!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ellen,
Holy Crap sums it up. I was surprised when I woke up to this rumor. I still can't believe that our referral is almost here. It seems like a dream. I hope that referrals come in this week. I will keep you posted on our news. You are getting closer..
Lisa Libby

FinsUp said...

Merry Christmas!

amy said...

Hopefully we will find out soon!

Nina said...

It's the best surprise, ever, isn't it??

I wonder if the CCAA matched through February 9th when they were doing August matches... and they did some referrals last month and some this month. That way they keep to their schedule. It's the only way I can make sense of the fact that there was no news that matching had even started, and yet here we are at the cusp of referrals.

Tiffany said...

Christmas in China???....and you thought you would never get there. Soon you will see one of the most beautiful faces you have ever seen:)

Shannon said...

I totally agree with your sentiments! It's time...we're gonna be Oct or Nov! We're gonna be Oct or Nov! Sing along! =)

rubyiscoming said...

Completely concur :)
What is the "name" of the Yahoo group for our LIDs? I joined Stephe's but think yours is different, correct?