Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Baby Watch

Many, many years ago when I was pregnant with the old one and the young one, I remember what the last two weeks was like. Everyone was on baby watch. Everyone was extra attentive. If I called someone, an immediate return phone call was made "to check to make sure I wasn't in labor."

Now the there is a definite difference between pregnancy and international adoption, aside from the obvious physical. When I was preggers, everyone knew my due date. With this international adoption thing, I feel like I have been making guesses about my due date and people just don't "get it."

I have three friends, who have been down this road before (you both know who you are-L,-R,-T). These women are on my baby watch. I feel a bit like EF Hutton, I call and they listen. Each one of them will call me back right away hoping that I have the "news" for them. You guys are cracking me up. I like calling them, just to see how quickly they respond, a bit The Boy Who Cried Wolf-ish. Seriously Ladies, thanks for being my baby watch, thanks for being there, and thanks for your unrelenting support during this arduous wait. It has meant so much to me! BTW, I'll call you later today..........


Tiffany said...

Not much longer.....and that session is one I look forward to. I do need to give special thanks to R for the inspiration!


J said...

I can sooo relate. I am so ready to get that call and move on to the really fun part of this process. Let's hope Spanish RQ is right and we hear some good news soon. It's getting harder and harder to focus on work.

FinsUp said...

Enjoy it while you can. I can only take the abuse for so long. Really? Blocking my emails? SO not necessary.

Anything for Flora, I guess.