Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poll Results

First, I must fess up that I logged on a new computer to check my very scientific poll, and I had to vote to view the results. I voted October (because I am hopeful). So the results, minus my October vote, at the time of this post are:
October-7 votes
November-8 votes
December-2 votes
So as you extrapolate from the raw data (trying to sound RQ here), it seems likely that November is the month, however, October is a distinct possibility. And who the hell put December???? Just kidding thanks for taking the time to vote.
So what I conclude is that I am not sure for either month......what??? As R says over and over, "the closer you get, you still don't know!!!"
I would expect to see referrals arrive September 30 or October 1. That is my prediction for "when."


Shannon said...

Yeah, definitely not December! =P
I was thinking arrival the 2nd of October 'cause I have a big meeting all that afternoon! October is such a possibility and after all that time waiting to have a possibility is exciting!

Billy and Maggie said...

Im liking your predictions! I am really praying October but keeping November a big possibility. I cant wait to see a rumor..any rumor either way. The uncertainty of it all is what drives me crazy!