Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dog, Pig, or Rat?

Will Flora be a dog, pig, or rat??? I am a dog. E is a pig. J is a sheep. C is an ox. I wonder many things about Flora. What month was she born? What provence is she from? What is she doing now? Is she comfortable? Is she fed? Is she loved? What are you doing, Flora?
R says my posts are more frequent. I agree. She also says the tone has changed. Well, I certainly hope so! This wait has been long, cruel, tiring, and emotional.

Homestretch here we come........ What do you think? Dog (born in 2006).....Pig (born in 2007)..... or Rat (born in 2008)


FinsUp said...

I think she's a pig. It would be fun if she were a dog (and, selfishly, a little closer in age to Fin).

Whatever she is, I know she will be awesome.

Rebecca said...

I want to know who this *R* person is....she sounds SO wise!

I'm saying a Rat (like Colin). Rats are known for being loyal, quick-witted, and honest. They are very close to people born in the year of the Ox (like C).

Nina said...

I think she'll be a Rat, but she could be a late in the year Pig (like, a December baby).

Either way, you'll be seeing her face very soon!!

You're next and I'm so thrilled for you!

Shannon said...

I'm thinking rat. Just to mix it up with your family. =)