Tuesday, October 14, 2008

R and R......doctor style

Okay, so I had a bit of minor surgery yesterday. It was quick and almost painless, thus far. I have been computer bound since the doctor sent me to bed for lots of rest and some relaxation.

Man, let me just say how pleasant a surgical experience can be. I was sent to the ambulatory surgical center. They gave me a tracking number for Joe to track me. Everyone was so nice and pleasant, really. The funniest thing is the nurse had (and I kid you not) the hand held laser-ringer-upper-thing. You know when you go to any store and they use the price gun. That is what she had. She rang me up, bar code on my bracelet. I guess that would update my tracker number on the big screen tv for hubby to watch. She rang up my meds, IV, bandages, etc. I made some snarky comment (so typical for me) about throwing in a little something for herself.

In the end, my surgery was a success, and I should be 100% by travel time. I did freak for a few moments as some of the 16th was referred, thinking that we may have been included. I would have had to postpone the surgery until AFTER travel.

Now you are probably wondering what type of surgery I had. It is one of those surgeries that is a bit embarrassing. In the end, I have met MANY people that need it, but don't want to admit it and are too embarrassed to go to a doc about it. I am paper pregnant.......I apparently have taken that too seriously!

So I have given many clues throughout this post regarding what type of surgery I had. Suffice it to say, that I do not want to be the butt of anyone's jokes! Ah, who am I kidding, I love a good joke, even with me as the butt!

Feel free to make you guesses in the comments section!


Tiffany said...

Get well soon!:) Enjoy web-surfing today....I hope that is your ladybug, I can't wait!

Shannon said...

Hmmm. You certainly don't need lipo or a face lift - although as you mentioned it is a surgery many of us could use! I'm at a loss.
Whatever it is, heal quickly! You're next! =)

Nina said...

Hmmmm, I'm guessing, given the clues you left, that it's something that might involve Preparation H, if it didn't involve surgery??

I read far too many Nancy Drews as a child. Then again, you left pretty good clues.

Anyway, glad you came through the surgery just fie and hope you feel better soon!!!

Ellen said...

Okay Nina got it....hemorrhoidectomy. How embarrassing of a surgery is that? It was necessary. Butt (meant to do that), it is extremely painful. Day one-no problem, day two-shoot me now, day three-shoot me yesterday, day four-I might recover, and day five-I'll let you know.
As my friend said...you're adopting, you shouldn't have THAT problem!
I NEVER expected a week off!!!

Billy and Maggie said...

OUCH!...that hurts just reading it. Get better quick!