Friday, January 09, 2009

Did I forget to post?

My apologies, folks!
Wednesday's outing consisted of a trip to Wal-Mart. It was three story building. The 5 of us started at the top floor, which was not really Wal-mart, but more of a home furnishing department store. There were various mini stores of housewares, furniture, art, dishes, and home decorations. We really enjoyed walking around. We found a beautiful picture for Flora's room. It was a day cat sleeping on a branch and a mirror image of a night cat sleeping on a branch. We tried to buy it, but unfortunately, the shop keeper was not around and the other shop keeper spoke only Chinese, and we couldn't understand them, nor they us. The beautiful picture will remain in China, too bad.
We then ventured downstairs to ?shop? at Wal-Mart. We bought a few necessities, not because we truly needed them, just because they were there. The Wal-Mart meat department was a bit different. There were caracases of suckling pigs that were dried and flattened, and hanging. A huge fish tank that was self serve. Women would catch a fish, throw it on the floor watch it flip around (apparently searching for the "stronger" fish), and club it. This I missed. But as I leisurely strolled through the toy aisle I was shocked to see white, blond haired barbies and baby dolls. There were no Asian dolls. Also all the packaging for the most part had photos of white people. I really figured that in China you would see more appropriate packaging. I was truly surprised.
We topped our day of white trash shopping by eating a KFC. Yes, in China there are KFC's. I was not overly excited by the meal except you can drink the sodas with ice. That was huge.
We headed back for the bus and returned to the hotel. FJ settled in for a nice nap. We hung out. Our laundry returned. I wonder if I can also take home someone to do my laundry. The laundry came back so nicely folded and clean. I really liked that service TREMENDOUSLY!!
Dinner was another meal at the hotel restaurant, which is very good. Honestly, I am a bit tired of it, simply because we eat there once a day. Joe and I spoke to our guide requesting another restaurant. We told him we were adventurous, but he said everything is far away. THe Wharton is a nice hotel, but it is a newer hotel in a newer section of Nanning. Thus, there are not at many eateries around. Truth be told were are feeling a bit room bound. I wish that GW had scheduled some outing everyday, even small ones.
Which brings me to yesterday, Thursday. We left the hotel at 9:30 am to visit the Guangxi Museum. It was a rather inconspicuous building, except for the enormous green medallion and pot at the entrance. I was excited to visit it as I want to know more about Nanning. The museum had no heat and each gallery had a woman standing in it, acting as a security guard. The museum was full of artifacts dating back to the 1500's. Everything was written in Chinese, except dates. After a brief walk through each gallery, we walked the grounds. The grounds were beautiful. The were several minority groups represented in traditional garb for the 50th anniversary celebration of autonomy. I have lots of photos. We returned back to the hotel for lunch at the hotel restaurant.
Last night we had a great time hanging out with most of the other families and the babies for Pizza Hut in the 14th floor lobby by the elevators. It was great getting out of the room and just relaxing with other people. I feel like I have connected with so many people here. We shared wine, beer, pizza, candy, and birthday cake. One new dad celebrated his birthday with cake. We all liked the Chinese birthday cake. Flora especially enjoyed the icing!!!


FinsUp said...

We felt room bound with Guiyang. It really wasn't "tourist friendly", it was a more functional city and everything to see required a long ride on bad roads, not so great for the babies.

Flora is just lovely and she seems to think you guys are doing a good job. I can tell she is pleased with the service.

Thanks for posting!

Alyson and Ford said...

Love the picture with her arms outstretched! You will soon be home and have lots of room!
Enjoy! You all seem to be doing great!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

dagurlzrmine said...

She is so cute and seems to be adjusting so well. I can't wait for you to get home to meet Flora.