Thursday, January 22, 2009

More, more, more

Here are a few more pics!

My three daughters! I love the three of them together. FYI, this was taken at the White Swan. I was shocked to see that the WS is much smaller than I expected. This is a "platform" of sorts that over looks the waterfall.

Flora LOVES to ride on her dad's shoulders. Every time we put her up there she laughs and laughs!

The hat...well she was sportin' that look when she was hanging with her foster mom (who, for the record, is amazing in my book!) It looks like the Fresh Prince was about to drop by for a visit!

Well, Flora has adjusted amazingly well. We have all been on east coast time since Saturday. She is sleeping through the night with two naps (morning and afternoon). She is eating very well. She has yet to refuse a meal! I can't wait to see what our Ped says tomorrow when we go.
We are glad to be home, but I do sincerely miss China. There is so much more I wanted to do. I guess we should start saving for a return trip.


Rebecca said...

I'd have to say you definitely have three little beauties on your hands!

And Joe, too.

R :)

Nina said...

Adorable!! I'm so happy for you.

We miss China, too (we've been home since mid November) and we are DEFINITELY going back as soon as possible.

Enjoy every minute with your newly expanded and beautiful family!!

PIPO said...

Beautiful girls - all three!

I am so glad to hear things are settling just fine with the transition back home :0)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! We want to go back to China someday too. It will be awhile though. Sounds like your little one is settling in. You're lucky that you have a good eater. Our daughter lives off of Goldfish crackers and ramen noodles.

Just wondering if you will be attending the HRFCC Chinese New year? We are going this year. ~ Lisa Libby

FinsUp said...

She is such a charmer. Looks like she has daddy pretty well under control.

Dale said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. She is utterly precious--
Ours also had little trouble adjusting to Eastern Time....her mother was a different story.

rubyiscoming said...

Hi friend - great shots - jealous she is sleeping through the night!!!! Miss you :)

Dee said...

What a lovely family! Thanks for coming over to "visit" Annabelle!

Tiffany said...

Gung Hay Fat Choy!