Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shoeless Joe

We are in Guangzhou. But the trip here was funny. Because we are traveling with a large group and with our agency, they ask that our luggage be placed outside our door the night before. So at 9:30 Friday night our luggage was placed outside our door and someone came around to collect it. Joe had noticed that night that his bag was a bit larger than he had expected, but he didn't give it much thought. We went to bed. The next morning we were up bright and early. We had to meet everyone in the lobby at 6 am. When Joe was getting dressed, all of a sudden I hear, "Explicative!!! I packed both pairs of my shoes!!!" With that I started laughing hysterically. There was no sympathy on my part whatsoever!! So I, thinking I am being helpful, toss him a pair of the hotel slippers. Then I respectfully continued my hyena style laughing. I know I am oh so sensitive! The slippers were a bit small for Joe, but luckily there is an opening where your big toe is to allow for extra room. Then my oh so bright husband (Joe, you know I love you!) puts his "shoes" on. He then walks over to me to "show" me how the toe gap doesn't really give you the extra room he needed. Of course, his toe gap was for his pinky toes. Joe had put his slippers on the wrong feet!!!! He had a blond moment. I then proceeded to upgrade my hyena laughing to the ugly pig snort, as I rolled on the floor! He realized that he had made a gross error and it was going to cost him dearly, as I would be blogging about it and laughing at him for years to come.
We headed for the lobby. Joe was styling in his white terry cloth, Wharton Hotel slippers. Unfortunately, this story has a happy ending. Joe was reunited with his bag in the lobby and the remainder of the trip in his real shoes. For those fans of "The Amazing Race"-Claire started calling him a "Frat Boy!"
Truly it was comic relief. I hope it transpires in this post. More later on Guangzhou!
PS As I was editing this post, I read it aloud to Joe. We both started laughing again so hysterically that I could not read the post through my tears and Joe spilled his tea.


Alyson and Ford said...

My only pair of shoes got wet wading through the flooded Pearl River to the medical clinic following a typhoon. When I tried to go to breakfast the next morning they wouldn't let me enter wearing my "white house slippers" at the White Swan. So back to the room I go and back I come again, squishing all the way while leaking water with each step I took!!

Loved the story!

J said...

Love the story. I was wondering what all the laughing was about. Hey, we miss you guys as neighbors. I hope all is going well for you guys. Not sure I like the fact that we are all spread out. Look, we have to blog to each other to communicate.


FinsUp said...

Who knew Joe was a blonde?! (If only at heart.)

Rebecca said...

You've lived in Hawaii....slippas are totally acceptable!

R :)