Sunday, September 10, 2006

The wait???The Wait!!!!!

So many people have recently been asking me when my baby is coming. I think it might be because I have a baby on my hip everyday at school now. I committed to watching a teacher's daughter everyday for a few hours. She is a real joy. So, now all of the parents have been asking me when my little one is coming. I briefly considered dying this child's hair black, saying I went to China, and keeping her. Apparently, the mother wasn't too fond of this idea. I can't understand why not!
So, this one parent with whom I was speaking adopted a daughter from Kazistan. Do you know that she still reads blogs! She is hooked on Salsa in China. In fact, she was on vaca when the twins arrived and it was killing her because she was without a computer.
Then someone else asked me if having this 1 year old everyday was helpful or not. At first, I thought no way. It is NOT helpful. It makes me want my daughter more. This is true. Then, I thought absolutely. It is helpful. It reminds me that caring for a baby is like riding a bike. I apparently haven’t forgotten all of my skills (good thing too). Big picture here….caring for that baby everyday solidifies for me that I am glad that I am adopting. I am not too old. I do want and I am prepared for another child. It is a good thing because between now and the year 2010, I am going to be getting a daughter from China.


Connie said...

Ellen! Bite your tongue on that 2010 thing. Your girl will be home with you LONG before then.

Besides, it would be getting a little tough to be carrying around that other little girl on your hip everyday if the wait were that long...her feet would be dragging the ground ;0)

Shannon S said...

Connie speaks the truth! =)
Thank goodness I am still sane enough to *laugh* at your 2010 comment! PS Thanks for contacting me!