Thursday, November 20, 2008

card carrying club member

Let me just say that this adoption community rocks! I have encountered some truly wonderful people along this journey. I have now had the pleasure of meeting even more people since our referral. People really are amazing. I have been contacted by many people. From my yahoo group (I am keeping them anon to protect them only because I didn't ask for permission), a parent told me that a certain great organization, who sponsors babies to put them into foster care, potentially had a photo of Flora in their website. I do believe that it is Flora in the photo. Picture #4! Score! Then I received an email from a gentleman who recently (extremely recently) adopted a daughter from the same orphanage as Flora. He had a photo of his daughter with another child (possibly Flora). The angle was weird, a complete profile. Wow! How fantastic that a stranger would contact you and give you a precious gift like that! Only in special communities, like the adoption world!! Now I have heard from Brian Stuy regarding Flora's finding ad. And last but not least I emailed Anne at Red Thread China to send my sweet baby a care package. I am so excited about all these contacts and potential deeper connections to my daughter!
I am a proud member of the China Adoption Club! This community R-O-C-K-S!!!


Dale said...

Red Thread's Ann is an angel in the Chinese Adoption industry. My wife had a wonderful experience with Ann as a shopping guide in Guangzhou.

I wish you all the best with your upcoming adoption. Our little girl is a delight to us.

Billy and Maggie said...

Ellen you are absolutely right! I've had similar experiences and I must say it brings me to tears. The generosity and the show of care people in this community do for each other is priceless!

I sent out a package for Olivia already using Ann at Red Thread. Wouldnt it be good if we could all take her on our shopping excursion as a group. I hope to see updated pics of your Flora soon!!