Saturday, November 08, 2008

Her Name..

Lin Zi Fan soon to be Flora Josephine ZiFan.
We finally saw the characters for her name and translated them.
Lin (her last name)-means forrest, it is most likely the last name of the director at the orphanage
Zi (her first name)-means child of
Fan (her middle name)- means sail
It is absolutely amazing that she was chosen to be our daughter. We love to sail. We have owned several boats through the years. I wonder who gave her her first name and why they choose that name. I think it is kismet!

I forgot to post that today my girl is 7 months old.


Billy and Maggie said...

Ellen, How did you get the translation? I would like to have Olivias name translated as well.

Shannon said...

Wow, perfect name for your family!
Wondering if you've explored more of the baby connection with Ruby's mom? Congratulations on s your sweet lil' daughter again!

J said...

It's so amazing the way they find the perfect little one for each family.

I haven't tried to translate Shi Yi's name yet. Thanks for the info.


Dale said...

Our daughter is Lin Shi Tong. I think Lin is the surname given to all babies from Yulin SWI. If I'm not mistaken, Shi was the name given to all girls with a February, 2008 DOB. Tong is the name they call her in the orphanage-- "Tong Tong"--so your baby is probably called "Fan Fan". In my wife's travel group is also the woman who does the blog "Journey to Kavanna" and Kavanna's chinese name was Lin Ying Yong. Kavanna was born in October or November of 2007.

Yoli said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful!