Monday, November 10, 2008

Where in the world is Flora??

So we/you know that she is in China. And some of you know that she is from Guangxi province. Guangxi is the gray province in Southern China. Nanning is the capitol? Or at least where we will be going to "get" Flora. Not that we have any hard and steadfast plans, but we start in Northern China, Beijing, for a few days. Then we fly to Nanning for 5(ish) days to have gotcha day and finalize the adoption in the eyes of the Chinese government. Finally we are off to Guangzhou, a city due east of Guangxi, where the US consulate is to finalize the adoption for the US government (again 5ish days). We are hoping to travel right before the holidays!


ZachandCait said...

Congrats! What an exciting Holiday season for your family!! Our family will be traveling to Guangxi to bring home our Caitlin in 4-5 months. She is currently in a foster home but it's amazing to think that our daughters might have "known" each other! (well as much as infants can :)) This adoption world connection is amazing! I'm glad I found your blog on RQ. Best wishes and I'd love to hear about your experience.

Nina said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!! Kavanna is a Guangxi girl and we just came from Nanning, which was an incredible experience. You will love The People's Park and the entire experience!! Also, the babies from Guangxi are usually in foster care and very healthy!

If you have any questions about Nanning or the trip, please let me know. We loved Nanning.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!!

Amy said...

She looks so sweet! Our daughter is from Yulin Guangxi. Have a wonderful trip!