Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Frustration mounting today

I feel quite frustrated today, carried over from last night. We received our monthly update from our agency. This is a much appreciated and anticipated e-mail. The contents are not always easy to consume. I printed the May e-mail and the June e-mail and tracked the changes. It was quite frustrating as I did not see any significant/measurable change. None of the LID groups moved up the food chain. In the past, there has been some sign of movement, but honestly this time there has been NO movement. Now, any intelligent person might say, well Ellen, that is evident from the CCAA website. According the the CCAA website, only one week's worth of LID's were matched last month and no other LID groups have been reviewed. The September 30th day has not changed for two months! But in my fantasy world I thought that perhaps the CCAA moved their employees from the Review Room duty to the Matching Room duty to expedite the dossiers. Ha, Ha! DREAMER It seems that is extremely unlikely.

I still have this loud pang that says money talks. The slow down of adoptions has to be impacting the financial viability of the orphanages. Remember, each child adopted requires a $3000 donation directly to the orphanage. I would guess that the slow down can only last for so long. In any event, I keep telling myself that!

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