Monday, June 05, 2006

What Have you Done for Me Lately?

Alright, I admit the last time I wrote a letter to the President of the United States I was 10 and it was when President Reagan was shot. As a young child I was wishing him well and good health. I also offered my sentiment on that crazy so and so, who shot him for the girl in Candleshoe. (Who remembers that Disney movie?)

Well, the Rumor Queen has put out a plea requesting, no begging, adoptive parents to make some noise regarding the expiration and additional expense for the I-171H. To obtain an I 171H, you are required to submit fingerprints to check your criminal background,if any. The fingerprints expire after 15 months and the I-171 H after 18 months to the tune of $700 or thereabouts! So on her second request I initated my letter writing campaign. Truth be told, I wrote the letter April 26, 2006 to my Congressman. I never mailed it. Well, I have broadened my scope and I have now included, President Bush, Senator Warner, Senator Allen, Homeland Security Ann Palmer, USCIS Emilio Gonzalez, and Congressman Scott. I encourage any of you readers of this blog who are in the process of adopting to write El Presidente, your Senator, your Congressman, Ann and Emilio. Each letter can make a difference.

I am now stepping off my soap box. I will tell you that I received from President Reagan an aknowledgment of my letter. I am hoping to receive something similar from these hard working government appointed or elected people. I'll let you know how that goes.

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