Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What to say

Wow, nothing new to accurately report on the adoption. There are rumors FLYING around about the wait. According to the rumor mill, a batch of referrals will be out shortly (no date known) and these referrals will go through June 28, 2006. That is good news. At this point the referral wait time is approximately 12 months. If the referral wait remains at 12 months, I would be thrilled. But, that's for the CCAA to know and for me to find out.

I came across a blog, via my yahoo friends, of a couple who adopted from China. Two months later they relinquished custody of their daughter to another family who previously had twice adopted from China. (FYI- All children who are adopted from China become US citizens when they go through customs, so this girl was not returned to China as she is a US citizen.) The story has certainly hit quite a chord with me. On so many levels, anger, sadness, relief, more sadness, more anger. The circumstances, of which I am not privy to ALL that transpired, are all around just sad and unfortunate.

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