Saturday, June 10, 2006

The gift that made me cry

As my friends know I am a teacher of young children. Often at the end of the year the families give gifts. Well, I have a child in my class who was adopted from China. Sadly, she is moving to another school next year. I have kept the parents informed of our journey for Flora thus far. In any event, I received the nicest letter from them thanking me for the last two years. It was a very kind note. The last paragraph said that they want me to keep in touch with them. They are especially interested in the adoption. They included a wonderful gift of the dress their daughter wore for a Chinese New Year celebration. It is a beautiful red dress which the parents purchased in China. I was so stunned by such a special, thoughtful, and generous gift. For them to pass the dress on to me instead of keeping such a sentimental thing for themselves was utterly amazing. Well, the child asked me to open the gift in front of her. When I read the note and saw the dress, I started to cry. It was incredible!

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